Tone Drums started in 2017. In memorie of my father I decided to build a snare drum of his oak table. My father was a metal worker who swore by stainless steel. That’s why I selected stainless steel for the hardware. In cooperation with local companies hardware was designed, developed and fabricated. With proud the first prototype is presented. An Oak stave snare drum of high quality,  entirely equipped with stainless 304 hardware. The first “Tone Drum” was born. The natural look of waxed oakwood together with the stainless hardware give a robust appearance. The perfect match with the perfect “Tone”. Given the pleasure I experienced during the creation of this snare drum I would like to keep on building snare drums for other drummers or enthusiasts. No bulk production but hand made snare drums fabricated to your wishes.

Here are some pictures of the proces.

We are really Proud of what Tone Drums has accomplished with his Snare Drums. The sound is amazing. The quality and look are great. And above all it is plays phenomenal!
Tone Drums creators Edwin van Lieshout en Toine van der Wielen
Edwin van Lieshout (Owner Osseman)
Toine van der Wielen (Owner ToneDrums)


working on a snare drum in my workshop

This is where all the fun starts. It may seem a small shop but big things are created here. All my snare drums are handmade and crafted with precision and passion. It only leaves the shop when it meets the highest standard of quality. 


No problem if you want to visit the shop or want to see and hear and play your favourite snare drum. Leave a message with your contact details and I’ll get in touch if I can the same day.

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